Factors To Consider When Choosing The Design Of Your Dream House

House design

It is a dream for every Kenyan to own a place they can call their home, but most of them keeps wondering where to begin in order to achieve this goal. Construction is a long process but when planned well it becomes simple and convenient. 7 Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Design for […]

Roles Of An Architect In A Construction Project

House Design

Architects in construction plays an important role and they are responsible for visual appearance of the buildings and structures before final structural design. Architect is a person appointed by the client, who develops a facility as per the design concept and the requirements specified by the client. They develop creative designs that are in aesthetically […]

Process Of Building Approval In Kenya

Ongoing Construction

Is a set requirement by the government of Kenya through its regulatory authorities that all construction activities to be approved before commencement any work. The is meant to ensure that the work to be done has met the standards set by the government. In building construction, the regulatory authorities are including the county government, the […]