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About us

Welcome To Design Key Builders

Design Key Builders Limited is a private limited company that deals in building construction services, which include: full contract administration, renovation works and construction project management services, from the conceptual stage through the design stage to the actual construction work.

Our main purpose in the industry is to help our clients achieve their dream by providing them with free construction advice at the conceptual stage. We believe that every client desire for quality work thus our main objective is to ensure that every client is able to acquire quality construction services at a reasonable budget and in time.

We also guide our clients through the approval process with the County Governments, NEMA and NCA. We carry out our projects within the professionally prepared schedule of work which is trucked after every phase of construction with a progress report.


Help our clients to achieve their vision by upholding the three construction management interims of time, cost and quality.


To be a leading contractor in building construction services.

Core Values

- Professionalism
- Integrity
- Quality
- Urgency

What We Offer

Our company has a professional technical know-how having been equipped with skilled personnel necessary for the execution of building / civil engineering services.

Construction Project Management

We Provide construction project management services while upholding the management interims of time, cost and quality.

Renovation Works

We provide renovation services for old structures to improve on their aesthetic and functional sustainability.

Architectural & Structural Designs

We provide design input and engineering solutions as a value-added service to our clients. At Design Key Builders Limited, we don’t merely transform land into blocks and bricks but we believe in the beauty of creation and the power of design.

Measurement Of Building Works And Preparation Of Bills Of Quantity

All our construction work is always based on the actual measured work and a well-prepared bill of quantity. The Bill of quantity remains the supreme reference document through our project execution period.

General Building Construction Work

Our company has been an established for construction of both residential as well as commercial development. The expertise and experience we offer in building construction are based on the industry’s standards, all for a reasonably packaged price.


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Client Testimonials

Some clients had some good things to say about us.


Samwel Wanjohi


I trusted you and your team and I was never disappointed! It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to many more years of working together.


Steve Mburu


The team gave us a design of its kind. The pressure was put on this team from the day we broke ground and they heeded the call.